Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Really Need Your Help!

Hello and thanks for stopping by the Jewelry Craft Shop Blog!

A lot of times I find myself hunting around on the Internet trying to find a specific tool for a specific job. The problem is I find a lot of different listings for the same or similar items, but there's no way to really know if it's what I need or not or if it's really at the best price point. Or, whether those pliers will hurt my hands or if l that drill will do everything I need. I'm sure you've had the same experience. A bit frustrating, isn't it?

And although I've been making jewelry for about nine years now, I still know less than I'd like to about all the different options there are to make my stuff better. Also, I love to tinker around the house fixing things. I'm a real "do-it-yourself-er"  and use other kinds of tools as well. So I figured I'd try to create a place to get and give feedback to help myself and others like me.

My goal in starting the Jewelry Craft Shop blog and Twitter listings is to try to bring crafters and crafting tools together in one place. It's an opportunity to share our experiences and our opinions on tools we use in our handmade lives. You can really help me out by taking a few minutes to give an opinion on your favorite  tools or supplies. Take an example from the Twitter list or chose any crafting tool or supply you like, just be sure to provide a link where others can purchase it. And yes, I'm willing to list it–– even if I don't make a penny!

I'm mainly interested in building a community of crafty folk where we share ideas and experiences and steer one another to the best products and the best deals. Kind of a mentoring deal for the busy and overworked! :-)

It's the reason why I'm not trying to grow this effort with a lot of automation (I do use some, I admit) but rather by reaching out and touching as many folks as I can, a few at a time. (I've been very picky about the folks I follow, and I think I'm building a good group. Kudos to you all! :-)) In this way we all profit, and make a few friends along the way! I want to help everyone get the best deal. I'm even willing to remove a product if enough people think it sucks! I don't like to waste money and I'll bet you don't either!

Now what's in it for you? Well for starters, you can link back to any review you write as a way to promote yourself or your business. And as time goes forward I also plan to have giveaways and contests. But I really need an attentive audience to do that, so I'm asking you for just a little help. Stop by and comment on an existing review or just tick a reaction button so I know you were there. Or just join by GFC, whether you do a review or not. (That sweet guy who joined up the very first week I opened could sure use some company!)

"No man is an island" is a wonderful quote and certainly expresses the real meaning of an online community. So let's hitch those virtual islands together and make something happen, OK?

Now before you go, please tick, join or leave a comment. Let me know you're there, and I'll do my best to make it worth your effort.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Remember to leave your own review, just join us and post!

Pat K.
The Jewelry Craft Shop

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