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Product Review - Beadsmith Thing-A-Ma-Jig

Thing a Ma Jig Deluxe

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July 5, 2010
By Humming bird
4 stars  ★★★★☆ 
Very Well Constructed,
I really like the way this one is constructed.It is made of Stainless Steel. The first Jig I had bought was plastic and the pegs kept falling out causing my wire to lose place and my designs to mess all up. With this Jig you get several different pegs and you get clear rubber tubes to put on the bottom of the Jig so that your pegs don't fall out while you are wrapping the wire. Also it comes with templates that you can put on the top and use those designs as well as a blank template. What I did though was make copies of the templates so that if they wore out I could just make more copies. There are several Jewelry design books out that have jig patterns that you could go by as well and make some really nice Jewelry. Plus it is only a fraction of the cost of the Wig Jig and the Delphi etc... The only difference between those is that they come in spirals and other shapes where as this comes only in a rectangle but as I stated earlier you can make some beautiful designs with this Jig.

Review from
April 14, 2010 
S. Reilly
5 stars ★★★★★
Great little piece!,
It's so much fun to use!! Great for keeping multiples of designs consistent. Just get it!

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