Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Response From Bethenia...From Last Post

This is the comment from Bethenia. She was having a little trouble posting. I've copied this from Twitter DMs.:

WOW!!! Thank you so much for all the work you put into this! I didn't expect you to write a whole blog post. I thought you might pass a link to me and then be off but wow!

I had searched online for sites but, like you mentioned, most of them are just trying to sell something and I know so little that I didn't know what they were talking about in the instructions. I think my biggest problem was just not knowing the terminology.

For example, I keep seeing the word "findings" and I don't know what it is that people think they are finding b/c everything I find tagged as that looks completely different to the point that I don't even know if I really found a finding!

Also don't know the different names for the beads and now you say "finishings". My first thought at what that could be is maybe the clasps and things that connect to the clasp to finish it off with a flourish but I'm probably wrong.

I ordered some beads online and have a good idea of how I want to string them but some of the beads are open circles with the stringing hole on the sides (so like the circle sits flat on the wrist and the string is seen in the opening) so I don't want a piece of ugly string to show through I'd like some kind of wire but the holes are so small. So I was kind of lost.

Thank you so much for your help! I am now following this blog too. By the way, I absolutely love the background! Do you have an Etsy shop or facebook fanpage too? I am off to look at the link now. Thanks again!


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Bethenia's Boutique on Etsy said...

Okay, I see you fixed it now! Great! I am sure that you will have people following and commenting now. Let me know when you get a facebook fanpage set up. Remember not to do it as a personal profile but make a page off of a personal profile so people dont have to do a friend request, they just click "like" because personal profiles have a limit to how many friends u can have and fanpages have more tools you can use for spreading news and contests. my facebook is http://facebook.com/BetheniasBoutique if you want to connect