Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome to the Jewelry Craft Shop Blog! - Be a Reviewer!

     Welcome! The Jewelry Craft Shop Blog is the place to find reviews of jewelry making and crafting supplies for just about every handmade craft available. Are you into beading, scrap booking, wire wrapping, metal fabricating, soap making, painting, candle making or sewing? Well, this is the place to find reviews on many of the supplies and tools you use everyday.

     Sometimes I'll feature an item that I have not personally purchased or used. That's when I'll depend on reviews from third party sources and that's where YOU come in! If you have used one of the products on this blog, join us and leave your own review! Let your fellow crafters know when something is a good product and warn us if it sucks!

     You can also purchase most of the items reviewed through a link on the entry. All items are sold securely by reputable sellers and shipped right to your door! Hundreds of items are available daily! And many of the best deals, rare items and best sellers are already hand picked for you by me, fellow crafter, Pat K.

     So stop by often, you are more than welcome! And remember, YOUR OPINION COUNTS!

     Keep on craftin'!  :-)

Pat K.

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